Ground Beef

Our ground beef is supplied from a private source. This meat is single grind for healthier teeth and gums, charcoal processed, and not packaged for human consumption. This product contains muscle, organs, and some fat. Meat does not contain bone or supplements and comes frozen in 5# chubs. For a complete and balanced diet you must add Kalac and a multi vitamin. Pick up only.

***NOTE: Contact us for special pricing on 100 lbs or more. Less Than 10 chubs are usually in stock. More than 10 chubs must be pre ordered and pre paid at least one week before the next delivery date. Orders of 10 chubs or more must be picked up on the delivery date. Scheduled delivery dates are: Dec. 3, Feb. 4, April 7, June 2, Aug. 4, Oct 6.

Fresh Magic Kitten Starter Kit

Our kitten starter kits contain the food, litter, and vitamins used to wean your kitten and will help make the homecoming transition smooth.