Feeding instructions For Whole Life LifeBites Chicken Recipe Freeze-Dried Cat Food

Use a standard 8oz measuring cup. Individual feeding requirements vary based on age, breed and activity. Adjust food as needed to maintain proper weight.

Transition to LifeBites™: Mix 25% LifeBites™ with your pet’s old food, gradually increasing proportion over 14 day period.


Dry: Feed whole or crumbled, right from the bag, as a complete meal, mixer or snack.

Rehydrated: Add equal parts LifeBites™ to warm water. Wait 60 seconds, stir and/or mash to release flavor. Serve alone as a complete meal or as a mixer combined with your pet’s favorite food. Adjust amount of water to achieve desired consistency.

Fresh Water: Make fresh water available at all times.

Don’t Over-Feed: If using as a mixer, be sure to reduce calories of main food being fed in proportion to calories added from LifeBites™.

This will ensure your pet maintains proper weight.

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